冷蔵庫の食材使い切りチャレンジ!Empty Fridge Challenge: Day 3

Day 3 of the “empty fridge challenge” was a challenge indeed. I knew I had to make something with the four gyoza wrappers left over from yesterday’s hanetsuki gyoza, so I thought I’d try making boiled gyoza for something different. The problem was, I had no idea what to fill them with!

This time when I looked in the freezer for ideas, a little bag containing two pieces of imitation crab meat and four peeled shrimp caught my eye. It wasn’t much to make a filling for gyoza, but it was all I had to work with!

Luckily, finding vegetables for the filling wasn’t a problem! I happened to have cabbage and ginger in the fridge, and even though I didn’t have any naganegi (Japanese leek) or nira (Chinese chive), I did find some myoga (Japanese ginger) and mitsuba to add color, and a tiny piece of lotus root, for texture.  

I minced up the shrimp, imitation crab meat, and all the vegetables, then mixed them together in a bowl. 

Next, I added some sake, sesame seed oil, chicken bouillon paste and salt for flavor, as well as potato starch and beaten egg to help bind it all together. 

Since I would be boiling, not panfrying, the gyoza today, I tried a different style of folding the wrappers. (This way is a lot easier!)

All you have to do is put filling in the center of the wrapper, wet the edges of the wrapper with water, fold it in half, and press the edges tightly to seal it. 

Finally, fold the gyoza gently in half again, and using a little water, press the two ends together firmly. 

I tried to fill the wrappers with as much filling as I could, but the truth is, I made WAY too much gyoza filling for only four wrappers. I bet you can guess what I’ll be using to cook with tomorrow . . . 

The next step is to boil the gyoza! I boiled them for three minutes, until the gyoza floated to the surface of the water. 

Thank goodness they didn’t fall apart in the boiling water!

For the side dishes, I found a sweet potato and half a lemon in the fridge, so I decided to make a simmered dish.

I cut the sweet potato into 1 centimeter thick slices, and boiled them in 200 milliliters of water with 6 tablespoons of sugar and sliced lemon until I could push a bamboo skewer easily through the sweet potato.  

I still have a lot of shishito peppers from the garden!

I pan fried the shishito peppers in a little oil for 2 minutes, then sprinkled on some salt and green seaweed flakes for flavor.

All done! For the dressing, I mixed a tablespoon of ponzu sauce (soy sauce seasoned with citrus juice) with half a tablespoon of sesame seed oil. After pouring the dressing over the gyoza, I added green onions and thin-sliced myoga for a garnish. 

I love gyoza, but after eating gyoza for two days in a row, I think I am ready for something different tomorrow! The question is, what can I make with this leftover gyoza filling that doesn’t have anything to do with gyozas? I guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see!


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