Canadian Christmas Sweets

Christmas cake is popular in Japan, but what about Canada? Do Canadians eat cake for Christmas too? The answer is: Yes, we do! In Canada, we eat a special cake called a “Yule Log” for Christmas. It is a roll cake that is shaped and decorated to look like a “log,” hence the name!

We also enjoy making mincemeat pies at Christmas time. These bite-sized pies are filled with “mincemeat,” but these days, they are not made with “meat” at all! Mincemeat is a filling made with dried fruit, nuts, spices (like cinnamon and nutmeg), sugar, and liquor. Traditionally, finely chopped beef or mutton was also included.

Bread pudding is another popular Canadian dessert for Christmas. This dessert is very easy to make! All you have to do is put some pieces of bread in a casserole dish, pour on a mixture of milk, butter, vanilla, salt, and eggs, and then bake it in the oven. You can also add a handful of dried cranberries for color!

In Canada, every family has their own traditions, but my family always makes English trifle for Christmas dessert. This dessert is made in layers, starting with sponge cake soaked in sherry at the bottom. Then we add fresh fruit, raspberry flavored gelatin, custard, and finally, whipped cream on top. It is my dad’s special recipe!

If you would like to try a different dessert for Christmas this year, why try making one of these delicious Canadian desserts? I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday!


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